Its not being a good player that makes you a good coach, it’s the experiences of being a player that can help you become a good coach.


Collectively we are working together to form programs that will help benefit the children from all walks of life in the  Philippines. We are working on models that will differ from region to region to make football accessible to all. Though some things may change  the quality of our coaching will not, we will promote and set an example of what professional coaching can bring to grassroots and as the programs grow we will help others follow our footsteps.

Working out of our Facility in Laguna the head coaches are dedicated to daily improving their programs and drills. We are lucky to have access to a quality field, equipment and work along side great head coaches and coaches who all bring something to the table.


‘We can take pride in the fact the we are teaching the players important life skills that are found in team sports, communication, leadership, confidence and the values of respect and honesty.  If we did not play football we would not be the people we are today, people with the opportunity to give something back.’ 

- Hartmann Brothers


GOM's name comes from the Hartmann family's football facility in Laguna. Darren, Matthew and Mark Hartmann are all hands on coaching and are proud to be contributing to the development of Football in the Philippines


Great Oak Manor is a 10 Hectare Complex dedicated to Football at all levels. We are nearing completion of the first phase which includes an international football pitch, training area, accommodation block, restaurant and gym. The future goals of the company are to be able to accommodate teams and players both locally and internationally for training weekends and camps. We will also be able to host football matches and  competitions. Even though we intend to fully open the facility early next year we have already put into motion a program that will benefit the local football community.