The Great Oak Manor (GOM) Center of Excellence is developed from over 10 years of GOM FOOTBALL being active in the grassroots of Philippine Football.


The basic technical training from the well-respected GOM Pro Skills Program that was developed by the Hartmann Brothers has influenced a generation of technically efficient players.


This alongside the consistency of the methods of coaching that develop the mental side of the game and the attitudes needed to excel in this sport has led to many  success stories, both local and international but we feel that the biggest successes are just around the corner.


‘We are privileged to be able to develop talented young players in the country. We take great pride in nurturing our own players, and we are determined to continue our high pedigree.’


Now with a growing local reputation as the place to train for serious footballers, the Center of Excellence has continued to achieve high levels of performance and development as an Annual Program now in its fourth Year.


Our ultimate goal is to produce professional football players and introduce them to the industry. Developing players through values is also contributing the character of the young players who are excelling both on the pitch and off the pitch.

The more time the boys spend training and playing in a controlled environment, the more chance they have to play at college level or professionally, in the Philippines or overseas.

In pursuit of constant improvement, we will expose our players to high-end competitions both regionally and internationally.

Our key goal in 2018/2019 is to bring a team of professionally-trained young footballers to Europe to play against the professional academies from the top tiers of Europe such as the English Premiere League.


We will give players access to scouts and tryouts so they can kick-start their careers.


The program guarantees that the players will improve.  It is well-known that keeping yourself in the right environment will elevate your level of performance. The coaches promise to continue their hard work and dedication to make this possible. The program is serious but we will never take away from the enjoyment of the sport. By developing personal values on top of football skills, the program will produce football players as well as role models.


It is part of our philosophy to develop through values. This means the players in the Center of Excellence are self-motivated towards their development. All the development you see on the pitch is through their personal character development off the pitch.